Tubular woven polypropylene fabric


Woven polypropylene tubular fabric is characterized by its high resistance to breakage and friction. The tubular fabric is sold and stored in rolls.

CIF offers a large variety of fabrics via their dimensions, their resistance or the choice of their printing. The manufacturing process is very rigorous and requires frequent quality controls. Available in stock in many standard formats, it can also be produced according to the specific needs of our customers.

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Toile tubulaire en polypropylène tissée



Woven polypropylene fabrics offer high resistance to breakages and frictions. In addition, we propose an anti-UV treatment for fabrics exposed or stored in the sun.

Dimensional stability

A wide and varied range with different well-mastered widths, our processes are adapted to produce widths up to 120 cm.

Food contact suitability

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process of our fabrics are rigorously selected. Migration tests and food certificates are carried out by our suppliers and our quality department.

Avantage Toile tubulaire en polypropylène tissée


Width (cm) 20 to 120
Printing (Number of colors) 8
Print quality Good
Anti-UV Optional
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