Our range of products for the agricultural sector consists of multiple high quality bags as well as twine for agricultural and horticultural use. Our raw material in polypropylene makes it possible to offer flexible and very resistant articles, able to face any type of environment, thus perfectly meeting the demand of the agricultural sector. In addition, these products are subject to precise controls by our many engineers in order to maintain a high level of quality and therefore, continuing to keep our promises as we have done since 1951.

We give our customers the opportunity to personalize their bags with printings and offer different qualities and ranges of colors. The different printing medias are: woven, laminated and BOPP, the latter offering the best printing results.
Our bags can be used to transport many agricultural products (wheat, oats, barley, rice, corn, etc.) or for agriculture, such as fertilizers.

The polypropylene net bag, also called leno bad, is generally used in agriculture for packaging onions, oranges, bulbs, potatoes and various vegetables.

Our polypropylene twines are also very resistant. There are two types of twines: the 500 and the 1000. The twine 500 is used for packaging bales of straw and hay. The twine 1000 is used for viticulture, market gardening or horticulture in order to maintain certain fruit and vegetable plantations (tomatoes, grapes, etc.).

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