Valve bag


The valve bag is designed to allow easy and fast packaging of the product.
The valve allows a closure of the bag without sewing. This specific bag prevents the product from coming out when filled, since the valve system ensures automatic closure as soon as the bag is removed from the filling machine.

Examples of use: livestock and poultry feed, granulated or powdered products, etc.

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sac à valve



Valve bags offer high resistance to breakages, drops and frictions. In addition, we propose an anti-UV treatment for bags exposed or stored in the sun.

Dimensional stability

A wide and varied range with different well mastered widths, our processes are adapted to produce widths up to 120 cm for large capacities.

Food contact capacity

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process of our bags are rigorously selected. Migration tests and food certificates are provided by our suppliers and our quality department.

Avantage sac à valve


Capacity (kg) 05 to 50
Printing (Number of colors) 8
Sewing Simple, double, hemstitch
Gussets Optional
Anti-UV Optional
Lamination (g/m²) Optional
HDPE/ LDPE (µm) 15 to 100
Handles Optional
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