Kraft paper bag


The kraft paper bag is a bag that is characterized by its printing quality. Kraft is an esthetic and elegant support, but also quite resistant. Our range consists of brown, white, glossy or matt kraft depending on the need.

CIF offers a large variety of bags via their dimensions, their resistance or the choice of their printing. The manufacturing process is very rigorous and requires frequent quality controls. Available in stock in many standard formats, it can also be produced according to the specific needs of our customers

Examples of use: cereals, semolina, flour, seeds, starches, couscous, pasta, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, livestock and poultry feed, etc.

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sac en papier kraft



Flexographic printing offers good visual quality.
The kraft layer provides a smooth and homogeneous surface that provides superior printing quality.


Kraft paper bags offer good resistance to burst pressure, drops and friction.

Ability to contact food

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process of our bags are rigorously selected. Migration tests and food certificates are provided by our suppliers and our quality department.

avantage sac en papier kraft


Capacity (kg) 0,125 to 10
Printing (Number of colors) 8
Print quality Excellent
Gussets Optional
Handles Optional
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