Corporate life at CIF

To develop further the “sportsmanship” and team spirit within the Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres, CIF ‘s employees proudly participated in the first marathon of Tangier, which took place Sunday November 9th 2014. They also participate regularly in football tournaments and races with colleagues.

These sporting events are the translation of the strong sense of belonging and pride that prevail in CIF and among our employees. They provide individual and collective development.

Our participation in different tournaments were crowned by trophies: first place several times in football tournaments and second or third place in marathons with the presence of the great Olympic champions such as Hicham El Gerrouj and Nouzha Badouine.

CIF, a leading manufacturer of polypropylene bags and kraft paper bag, is also recognized in the northern of Morocco as a corporate citizen that promotes human development and that weaves win – win links with all of its employees.

Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm!