CIF: towards greater energy efficiency

CIF and the world know that currently, we are facing global warming , which is mainly due to emissions of greenhouse gases.

Today, industries and people consume a lot of energy and the cost increase significantly and continuously.

It was therefore essential for CIF, to act for the optimization of energy use, to protect our environment and modest contribution to the reduction of the climate changes and , at the same time , reduce energy costs.

So, CIF awareness for many years its technical and managerial teams for to the energy consumption.

To do this, CIF installed an energy consumption monitoring system and the quality of it , and then put up some specifics actions:

Installation of LED lamps instead of conventional neon lights for lighting the factory and offices.
Installation of solar panels for hot water to the entire staff.
Installation of an heat pump for air conditioning in offices instead of individual split .
Installation of a power optimizers for energy- engines ( PO)
Installation of anti- harmonic filters for all installations.
Optimization of power factor ( 0.97 to 0.99 ) for the installation of automatic capacitor batteries .

We can already rejoice for the result of today and the economy of 2,000 megawatts per year.