The CIF, 1st private photovoltaic park in Morocco

It is in a context of the development of renewable energies in Morocco, under the impetus of the high royal orientations, that the CIF installed in 2021 its 6,800 photovoltaic panels with a total power of 2,700 KWp and is displayed today proudly as the first private photovoltaic park in the Kingdom.

Spread over 2 ha of land, solar energy covers 22% of the energy consumption of the Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres, which represents 4.3 GW/year.

Supplemented by wind power, 84% of the energy consumed by the CIF in 2021 is green energy. And Compagnie Industrielle does not intend to stop there… By 2025, it is aiming for 100% green energy through the development of contracts with wind power plant companies.

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