A new product is coming out: the Laminated / BOPP block bottom with vavle Ad * Star bag!

Laminated or BOPP block bottom with valve Ad*Star bag

It was in 1951 that Compagnie Industrielle des Fibres launched its production of jute fabrics. Since that time, CIF never stopped growing and developing, but this evolution would never have been so important without the diversification it has shown. It was in 1970, the beginning of a long series of changes, that the CIF became a pioneer in synthetic materials and specialized in polypropylene, a material still mostly used in the factory today to produce woven polypropylene bags, laminated PP woven bag, PP woven bag BOPP,… CIF also produces kraft paper bags.

In order to continually meet the needs of its customers, CIF made the decision to launch its production of laminated or BOPP block bottom Ad*Star bag (link). CIF uses the most reliable machine on the market of the Austrian brand Starlinger, leader in the market for bag production machines.

This laminated or BOPP block bottom with valve Ad*Star bag offers impressive resistance to breakage, shock and friction thanks to its main material which is Polypropylene. According to a 2008 study by the leader of the cement industry, the Polypropylene bag is much more resistant to shocks, mold and water, less energy consuming, lighter, causing less waste and consuming less carbon than the kraft paper bag.

Sac à fond plat Ad*Star
Laminated or BOPP block bottom with valve Ad*Star bag

Palletization is facilitated thanks to its block bottom. It has a valve and therefore an automatic closure allowing it to escape all seams. This block bottom woven and laminated bag can accommodate a wide range of products such as cement, plaster, glue, calcium carbonate and other raw materials. These bags can therefore be used in various industries such as agriculture, agri-food, animal feed, chemical industry, mining or for some building materials.

This bag is a great benefit for customers as it offers the possibility of printing on each of its sides giving maximum visibility to our customers’ products. Two types of printing are offered, printing on laminated and on a BOPP film. Printing on the BOPP film is carried out inside which protects it perfectly from rubbing, protects the visuals and offers an excellent print quality.

One of the main strength of CIF is the speed of delivery times. The proximity of the port of Tanger Med, about fifteen kilometres away from the Spanish coast, allows CIF to deliver the countries of the Mediterranean and West Africa with a very high reactivity. Spain, Portugal, Morocco and France can be delivered in record time, that is to say in less than two days.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for a personalized advice or offer via the number +212 (0) 5 39 33 13 76 or by e-mail: ciftanger@cif-factory.com.