CIF Since 1951

Quality control

manufacturer of polypropylene bags

The quality of CIF packaging products and services is a fundamental aspect of the company’s philosophy.

ISO 9001 certified quality management
For over 50 years, CIF focuses its efforts and resources to meet and exceed the quality requirements of increasingly sophisticated clients. Our system of ISO 9001 quality management guarantees the control of our processes and the quality of our products.

We have means of controlling and monitoring our product throughout the manufacturing process.

A labaratory for analysis and control
The testing, analysis, control, customization or development of packaging products, etc. The Research and Development Department at CIF works closely with teams of engineers to meet all of your needs and enable us to reach excellency in our products. The laboratory allows us to be completely autonomous in controlling the characteristics of our products, whether as raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.


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