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Laminated tubular PP woven fabric

  • manufacturer of packaging in polypropylene
  • packaging in polypropylene morocco

Laminated tubular woven PP fabric: ideal packaging combining strength, functionality and print quality. Rolling waterproof and allows better print quality.

Flour, semolina, rice, sugar, couscous, pasta, animal feed and poultry, fertilizers, charcoal
Benefits / Description
An excellent surface for printing, including quadrichromics
Beautiful shiny and smooth improving printing rendered
Enhanced moisture barrier
A barrier to improved powder
High tensile strength, falls and friction
Dimensional stability
Microperforation: on demand
UV-protection treatment if required
Food contact compliance
Tubular fabric width: 30 to 65 cm
Flat fabric width: 50 to 150 cm
Fabric weight: 55 to 100 g/m²
Weight: 15 to 100 g/m²
Fabric construction: tailored to the needs
Weaving: smooth or rough, on demand
Fabric color : standard or customized
UV-protection: 60, 100, 150 kLy more ... on demand