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BOPP bag is ideal for printing full color high quality. A barrier effect to moisture, dusting and bold.

BOPP is a polypropylene film that has been stretched in both the machine and across both directions. Co-Extruded woven bags is a technology where a printed film is laminated to a woven fabric and then manufactured into a bag.

Flour, semolina, rice, sugar, bran, animal feed and poultry feed pets (dog, cat, ...), fertilizer, charcoal
Benefits / Description
Color printing high quality
Moisture barrier reinforced
Total barrier coating
Total fat barrier
High resistance to rubbing and breakage
Dimensional stability
UV-protection treatment If required
Food contact compliance
Capacity: 05 to 50 kg
Width: 30 to 60 cm
Length: 50 to 115 cm
Fabric weight: 55 to 80 g/m²
BOPP thickness: 20 to 30 microns
Printing: on request
Colors: up to 8 colors
Gussets: request from 3 to 10 cm
Bottom sew: single or double
UV-protection: 60, 100, 150 kLy and more ... on request