CIF Since 1951


Manufacturer of packaging products in polypropylene morocco

With the growing demand of packaging products on the international market, we have emerged as one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of custom woven PP bags, Kraft paper bags, ropes, agricultural twines and sewing thread worldwide. Given our experience in the Moroccan market since 1951, our products have quickly found a place in the export market. We design, customize and develop packaging solutions according to customer requirements. Made with the latest technology, our packaging products in paper and polypropylene have numerous applications throughout various industries.

Further, being ISO 9001 certified, our company pays special attention to the quality of its products and their compliance with regulatory standards. In particular, we ensure that materials are manufactured in accordance with local laws in the country of production and that our products comply with the legislation of the countries where they are sold and consumed.

Given our frequent expeditions to different countries and many continents, we have developed strong and effective partnerships with transport companies. Whether by boat, train, truck or plane, we are able to deliver your goods in any country. Thanks to our strategic location, we are able to deliver to Africa and southern Europe in record time!


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