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Environmental policy

Manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags morocco

Operating at the edge of a protected nature reserve with a species of endangered birds (the Bustard Otis), CIF, manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags, Kraft paper bags, ropes and twines, lives in perfect symbiosis with its environment in order to have no negative impact on the ecosystem.

Throughout the manufacture and distribution of our packaging products, we consider the impact of each step on the environment.

In terms of emissions, our impact is almost zero:

– Zero solid waste because we recycle and revalue all our plastic waste
– Zero polluted liquid discharge as we have a water treatment station
– Zero gaseous discharge
– Zero noise pollution

On the larger scale, a special consideration is given to energy efficiency in order to be extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption and do our share to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gasses emissions.


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